The Blazer

Blazers. Lady Margaret Boat Club. A rowing club. The year was 1825. That was the year Blazers were born. The club wore Red Blazers and were first to coin the term for the brightly colored cloth. Shortly after, they made their way to land. They became popular among other sports groups, clubs, and exclusive member-only cliques. Soon they crossed the Atlantic. Ivy League universities like Princeton, Cornell, Yale, and Harvard started to adopt these blazers themselves. Colorful to match their schools pride. Not a suit coat, a collared shirt, nor a sweater. A jacket that can be worn on any occasion, fancy or fair. Manhattan to Paris, Geneva to Singapore, and all around the world Blazers are being worn. Walking down these streets Blazers are everywhere, but what have they become? Monochromatic. Lifeless. I know I'm not the only one who sees us becoming straight-razors instead of trailblazers, dispraisers not star-gazers. Origins gone, who are we? They are Blazers, fire spirited and alive. Put them on and feel exactly that. Put them on and feel you. "Be the Blazer" is the term we coined, be it with us. Blazers.